6 Considerations When Selecting a Carton Flow System

carton flow track

When buying a carton flow system, it is important to know a thing or two about what you will be using the carton flow system for, what you will store on it, weight of the items and more. Carton flow systems speed picking operations by putting items in an easily replenished FIFO system. Here are 6 considerations to think about when selecting a carton flow system:

1) SKU Count – Knowing how many SKUs you expect your carton flow system to handle will determine the number of shelves and racks you will need.

2) Size & Weight & Width of Items – Is the stock placed in boxes, totes or nothing at all (like a beer keg)? Are the items or boxes of varying size, height and weight? This will determine the configuration of the shelving and what type of shelving you will need. Carton flow racks can use roller lanes, skate wheel beds, wheel rails, etc. Take a look at our carton flow decision tree to help you make an informed decision on what works best with your product mix.

3) SKU Velocity – Do you carry seasonal products? Do you have products that spike in demand due to a promotion or change in consumer taste? You will need carton flow systems that are flexible and easy to expand. UNEX offers portable flow racks that you can drop into your order picking process to speed fulfillment.

4) Stock Separation – Do you plan on storing your products by SKUs, customers, product categories or other division? Keeping stock orderly and sorted by SKUs (or whatever method you choose) ensures that when workers are picking an order they can quickly find the item on the shelf.

5) SKU Replenishment – Do you need to simultaneously replenish from the rear as pick operations continue in the front? Do the shelves need to tilt or lay horizontal? Knowing this information will determine the configuration of the flow racks.

6) Select Flow Beds – Carton flow racks can be configured in a variety of widths for pallets, boxes, cartons, totes, etc. Racks can be specified with a selection of flow beds, including roller tracks, skate wheel beds, plastic wheel flow rails, etc. See more about the difference in using rollers vs. wheels here.

If you need a carton flow system that maximizes product flexibility and flow, is easy to install, has a variety of capacity options (light, standard or heavy duty), maximizes space and reduces picker travel time, then look no further than the Pickologists at UNEX Manufacturing. We can help you find the right configuration of carton flow systems that speed your fulfillment operations.


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