Adjusting Carton Flow to Dynamic Storage Units

Many factors go into choosing the right type of dynamic storage units for an operation. The size, weight, width and frequency of use all affect how cartons should and can move from one area to the next. Because each carton flow operation is unique, its design needs are unique. Let’s take a look at some of the variables involved in designing dynamic storage units.

Dynamic storage requires some flexibility in how it is set up to accommodate changes in the number and type of products moving through the operation. At some point, the units will need to be moved or reconfigured. When these changes are quick and easy, the company saves time and money, as there is very little down time involved.

The size and durability of the unit should be large enough and sturdy enough to handle the carton flow. Before choosing a system, all product sizes, shapes and weights should be noted and compared to the weight and size capacity of the storage unit. The width of the rollers or use of wheels will affect contact, efficiency and cost.

Putting It to Work
Once the guidelines for dynamic storage units has been established, the equipment needs to be ordered and assembled. After assembly, product is loaded. Unex has engineers that specialize in ways to increase the efficiency and carton flow of your operation. When properly designed, your operation can see a true impact from this change in storage strategy. If you are considering a changeover from static to dynamic storage units, one of our team members can help you determine what your needs are and how to best fill them.


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