Distribution Solution Goes Down Smooth

One of the main industries that we serve at UNEX Manufacturing is beer distribution. And right now, the beer business is booming.

This trend has been amazing for beer lovers who appreciate the unique flavor profiles but has caused headaches for beer distribution companies who have seen SKUs double and triple while space has stayed the same.

One such distributor was Atlas Distributing, Inc. In late 2013, Atlas was awarded the distributorship for Yuengling. This was a huge deal because, as Atlas Director of Operations Shaun O’Halloran says, “Yuengling had not been distributed in Massachusetts since the early 1990s.” However, this was a big line and Atlas was already finding space cramped, with approximately 1,100 SKUs of alcohol and a growing list of craft beers to accommodate.



But space was not the only challenge for Atlas. Workers faced the heavy burden of picking the 165-pound ½ kegs and 60-pound 1/6 kegs. Between space constraints, inefficiencies for pickers, and safety issues, the problem was anything but pint-sized.

Good thing for Atlas that UNEX Pickologist and Northeast Regional Manager Bill Link was on the case. Bill mapped out a Span-Track system that would not only accommodate the existing SKUs but also create space for future growth. Using more than 800 ft. of durable tracks, the distributor was able to get SKUs off the floor and into organized gravity-fed rows and racks.

The Span-Track solution allowed for more efficient picking, simplified replenishment and allowed the flexibility to be reconfigured as SKUs change, all while condensing storage.

To discover how Span-Track solutions can help your business rein in the beer boom, sign up to schedule a one-on-one consultation with UNEX at the ProMat show.


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