UNEX Carton Flow-Better Than the Rest

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Carton Flow Racking from UNEX

Stationary or Portable Carton Flow Solutions

  • Reduce travel time between picks by 80%
  • Increase pick rates and consolidate inventory
  • Knock-down easy to assemble design
  • Increase product visibility and access
  • Ergonomic design ensures quick and safe order picking
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Lean Manufacturing Storage Guidebook

In this guidebook, we discuss several lean principles like the 5S philosophy, one piece flow, and manufacturing supermarkets. We highlight UNEX solutions that help you successfully implement these strategies, and we show these solutions at work in lean facilities all over North America.

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Charles Aubuchon

VP of Distribution Center Operations for Aubuchon Hardware

“Order pickers can pull up to an area and easily pick multiple SKUs without having to move the tugger. This has cut pick rates by 50%.”

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Frank Falter

CEO of George J. Falter Co. Inc.

“Everything is within 5 feet with carton flow from UNEX. There’s less bending, reaching, and walking so that pickers can do their work safely and quickly.”

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