Carton Flow Rack from UNEX

  • RollerRack2-004
  • FALTER-1096
  • FALTER-1381
  • Trane060
  • Trane108

Customized UNEX Flow Rack

Flow Rack Shelving Solutions for Order Picking

  • Reduce travel time between picks by 80%.
  • Increase pick rates and consolidate inventory.
  • Increase product visibility and access.
  • Flow through racking provides FIFO picks and uninterrupted order picking.
  • Full line of accessories, including flow rack dividers.
  • Ideal for lineside storage applications, manufacturing supermarkets, pick modules, and more.
  • Great for implementing a kanban system.
  • Industry leading manual order picking solutions with a 7-year warranty.
  • Customizable for unique applications, like keg flow rack systems.