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On Friday, October 3, UNEX Manufacturing joined large and small firms all across the country in celebrating American manufacturing with Manufacturing Day. Manufacturing Day has a very simple goal- showing the nation and the world exactly what American manufacturing is all about. The day provides an opportunity for makers to open their doors to the public and to each other and allows the public a great opportunity to see the true face of American manufacturing. It also presents the opportunity for manufacturers to come together to discuss and overcome the challenges that face makers, large and small, all across America. UNEX is proud to have taken part in such an event, hosted by the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program.

NJMEP is a non-profit organization that aims to provide New Jersey manufacturers with the knowledge and resources to become more efficient, profitable, and competitive. NJMEP’s event, held at the Palace at Somerset Park, New Jersey, sought to “expand knowledge about and improve the general public’s perception of manufacturing careers and the industry’s value to the U.S. economy.” The event featured a keynote address from U.S. Senator Cory Booker and many presentations, panel discussions, and other activities that allowed local manufacturers to learn more about the role of manufacturing in a 21st century economy. From addressing the skills gap to developing innovative supply chain processes, NJMEP’s event provided local makers the know-how and the firepower to make their mark on the local and national economies.


NJMEP’s event honors “Manufacturer of the Year” with awards to large, medium, and small manufacturing firms that have enjoyed great success within their industries and have taken strides to expand or further innovate in their fields. UNEX Manufacturing was honored as a finalist for medium Manufacturer of the Year. NJMEP recognized our training programs, our partnerships with our distributors, and our commitment to working closely with our customers as assets that greatly benefit our company and our industry, and nominated us as one of just five finalists in the medium manufacturer category. This year’s gold went to Strato Inc. of Piscataway, New Jersey, but we have our eyes on the prize for 2015.

Manufacturing Day offers a great opportunity to the industry. Public perception of manufacturing is a dirty, low-wage, backbreaking image that simply doesn’t match the reality of what we and our fellow manufacturers do. We develop new products and ideas constantly, bringing new technology and processes to the masses. We work in clean, brightly lit environments for great pay. We care deeply about our work and what it brings to the American economy. We strive to be better for ourselves and our community every single day. We are creators. We are innovators. We are manufacturing.



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