All I Want for Christmas is U(NEX)

I’d like to start off this week’s blog by wishing you and your family a very happy holiday. We talked last week about shopping season and how UNEX is making it a little bit easier for retailers during this crazy time of year. With gift giving (and receiving) on the mind, this week I wanted to talk about some things that I’m hoping for for Christmas.

Early next year, we’ll officially be all moved into our new corporate offices and with a new office, I


hope that Santa brings a new sitting/standing desk for me. At UNEX, so much of what we do has to do with improving ergonomics and efficiency line side but I have been behind the times in bringing those principles into the office with me. Too often, I find myself slumping down in my chair while I’m on the computer. Not only is this horrifying for my back and posture but it’s also not the ideal position for productivity. I need to be up and moving, getting the juices flowing. A sitting/standing desk is the perfect solution to my office woes.

Another core tenet of our operations that we’ve discussed in our blog before is lean manufacturing and specifically the 5S principles. With that in mind, I’m asking for a 5S cart. This cart is ROI on wheels. It helps me quickly and easily keep my work area organized, clean, and above all else, efficient. Just like it’s hard to be productive from a hunched position, it’s scientifically proven that an organized work space is directly correlated with higher productivity. And who am I to argue with science?

What are some things that you or your company would like this holiday season? Tweet @UNEX to share them with us. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!


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