Flow Cell Modular Flow Rack Systems V2

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Flow Cell Modular Flow Rack Systems

Embrace Lean Manufacturing Principles

  • Quick assembly
  • Durable steel construction with 7 year warranty
  • Highly customizable with full line of accessories
  • Boosts production efficiency by 30%
  • Can be fitted with casters for portability



Lean Manufacturing Storage Guidebook

In this guidebook, we discuss several lean principles like the 5S philosophy, one piece flow, and manufacturing supermarkets. We highlight UNEX solutions that help you successfully implement these strategies, and we show these solutions at work in lean facilities all over North America.



Mark Geer

Lead Engineer for Android Industries

“We can put 4 days worth of material on the Flow Cell and not have to replace material.”

Charles Aubuchon

VP of Distribution Center Operations for Aubuchon Hardware

“We can slot 180 SKUs in a 20-foot section with Flow Cell. The system is strong enough to hold thousands of pounds, and it’s durable and adjustable.”