The Reusability of Flow Cell

unex flow cell rack

Have you ever had a conversation with somebody where you were absolutely convinced that you knew what he or she thought or what they were going to say about something, only to be way off? We have worked on countless projects and put several case studies together based on the work we have done and most of the time, we know exactly what the case study was going to be about before it was even written. Our Pickologists are not only intimately familiar with the features and benefits of our products but they were also there every step of the project, working hand-in-hand with the customer from concept to completion.

So when we approached Johnson Controls to work on a case study based on line side Flow Cell systems that they were using in their Suwanee, Georgia-plant, we were expecting a case study that talked primarily about the flexibility of the wheel bed. And while Johnson Controls did appreciate the extreme flexibility that was offered, what they said was the most important feature of Flow Cell was the reusability that it offered.

Says Johnson Controls Engineer Todd Emmons on the reusability of Flow Cell, ““This is the biggest benefit. Soon, we’ll be adding new car parts to the line for other types of vehicles. We can simply pick up the Flow Cells, move them to another place in the plant or another new location entirely, and reconfigure them. There’s no need to buy new racks.”

And because Johnson Controls’ line-side workers are assembling car parts, the disassembly and reassembly of Flow Cell is incredibly simple for them.

“Overall, we’ve ordered 41 Flow Cells and used the UNEX instructions to assemble them in less than a half an hour each,” says Emmons.

Not only is that reusability easy and convenient for Johnson Controls but also the flexibility of the system as well as the collaborative nature of the solution allows Johnson Controls to take complete ownership of the project. All of our Flow Cell projects are engineered to order. It’s built completely based on what the customer is looking for and trying to achieve. That collaboration as well as the ease of assembly for employees provides companies with extra buy-in to really make the solution their own.

Do you think Flow Cell is the right solution for your warehouse? Contact a UNEX Pickologist today to find out more information.