Flow Cell vs. Creform

Despite our best efforts, UNEX is not the only name in the modular flow rack business. The industry is rife with competition. When UNEX Manufacturing first began its work on a highly customizable modular flow rack product line, our team of engineers sought to develop an alternative to the pipe and joint flow rack structures that dominated the industry.

We analyzed the shortcomings of modular flow rack products like Creform and designed a product that provided solutions to common issues presented by pipe and joint structures- UNEX Flow Cells.


When we first designed our Flow Cell modular flow racks, we needed to understand the ins and outs of our competitors. We built a Flow Cell configuration, then bought Creform components in order to test a similar design. Our goal was to put the Flow Cell and its similar Creform counterpart to the test to see how they performed in three critical areas: capacity, utility, and assembly.

In today’s blog post, we will be focusing on the difference in load capacities of UNEX and Creform modular flow racks.

CapacityOur first test was to see how Flow Cell’s load capacities stacked up against pipe and joint modular flow racks like Creform. The test for the Creform structure was performed by Creform itself, and was conducted by exerting a force on their standard-duty pipe beams of various lengths positioned on two supports. At 1’5″, Creform structures are at their sturdiest, with a load capacity on a beam of that length of 308 pounds. As the width of the beam is expanded, that capacity drops drastically. At a beam width of 5’10”, the Creform structure can only support a total weight of 70 pounds without adding additional supports. The results of this test are listed in their product brochure and are pictured below.


Now for the Flow Cell results.


At a capacity of 1,000 pounds per level regardless of the size of the beam, Flow Cell significantly outperforms Creform pipe and joint modular flow racks.

Based on this comparison, UNEX Flow Cells are the superior choice when it comes to capacity- Flow Cells can hold significantly more weight than Creform tube and joint structures without the need for additional supports and without any risk of bending or deforming the beam.Already sold? You can request a quote or send a message to our Pickologists and we’ll be in touch. If not, be sure to check in next week when we compare the utility of Flow Cell and Creform structures.

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