Flow Cell vs. Creform Pt. 2

Last week, we discussed how UNEX bolt together, square tube Flow Cells stack up against round tube and joint structures like Creform. The discussion revolved around capacity, one of the areas where Flow Cell really shines at 1,000 pounds per level. This week, we’re comparing assembly complexity and time.

UNEX Flow Cells are faster and easier to assemble than Creform flow racks. This will save your operation time, money, and a whole lot of frustration.

First, let’s take a quick look at the assembly process for a Flow Cell. Flow Cells are engineered to order based on the needs of a specific operation.  Posts and beams can be ordered in six inch increments from 12” to 96”.  This means the parts arrive at the exact dimensions your operation requires. Between posts, beams, tracks, accessories, and assembly hardware, the average Flow Cell configuration consists of about thirty total components. The entire structure can be assembled with a single 9/16″ in approximately one man hour.

flow rack drawing

Let’s compare this to a Creform equivalent. The single lane flow rack we chose to compare our Flow Cell against arrives in pieces. 133 pieces, to be precise. Based on part quantity, the tube and joint rack is almost 450% more complicated.  The assembly time would mostly follow linearly at 4-5 hours.

If the tube is purchased in bulk, it must be cut to the proper length for the application.  Before assembly even begins, you must cut your tubes to specific dimensions. This brings up another advantage Flow Cell has over tube and joint structures- Flow Cells are self-squaring. Because the beams and posts are square tubes and meet at right angles, it is impossible for the flow rack to be assembled without being square.  Tube and joints can be adjusted almost infinitely- an advantage in many situations, but a detriment when trying to construct rigid, orthogonal structures.  If the tubes are not cut to precise measurements and the joints are parallel and perpendicular, you’ll end up with an lopsided, un-square flow rack.

The same can be said for the wheel rails typically used in tube and joint racks.  Rails that are not precisely parallel will bind on containers attempting to flow forward.  Flow Cell, however can utilize any UNEX carton flow product- from our universal wheel bed to our heavy duty 1.38” steel rollers.

UNEX Flow Cells are manufactured in the USA, engineered to order,  and built to last with a 7 year warranty. If you’re interested in adding this solution to your operation, you can request a quote here.