Is Your Warehouse Ready for the Holidays?

After last year’s fiasco by some retailers not being able to meet holiday delivery schedules, companies are adding technology and streamlining processes to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Another hectic holiday shopping season is approaching, and it’s time for warehouse, fulfillment and logistics providers to ready their operations.

With the holidays the busiest time of the year for retailers, it is imperative that you update your operations with state-of-the-art processes so you can keep up with orders and ensure your customers get what they want. Whether you’re replenishing stores or shipping direct to the consumer, your distribution operations must be in high performance mode and ready to handle peak volumes. Improvements should focus on product workflow, efficiencies, storage capacity, and space utilization.


1. Improve Product Workflow in Distribution.

Workflow can be optimized if you reduce product handling, unnecessary worker movements, and travel time when retrieving parts and products. Put faster-selling items closer to the ends of the aisles to reduce walking distances.

2. Optimize Space Utilization.

 When trying to look for ways to improve the efficiency of your warehouse, a good plan is to understand the way that shelves and space are being utilized. The placement of shelves and containers, along with the traffic patterns and total design of the building, ultimately affects the ability for you to utilize any space available.

3. Keep the Warehouse Clean.

Keeping boxes, cartons, totes, etc. off the floor, not only looks better, but allows workers and equipment to move without obstructions in their path. Make sure you put away every received delivery the same day to avoid cluttering aisles.

4. Improve Storage with FIFO.

Using a FIFO system, customers can improve their bottom line by cutting down on lost product due to spoilage in grocery or food operations. First In, First Out means newer products are stocked behind older merchandise. FIFO improves storage and picking because both operations can take place at the same time with loading occurring in the back and picking from the front.

The holidays are busy, but adequate preparation and foresight can help warehouses run efficiently to satisfy customer expectations. UNEX Manufacturing’s SKUBE, a SKU analysis tool, evaluates inventory and throughput to identify seasonal items and determine where they should be stored. UNEX portable flow racks create instant seasonal pick systems in open warehouse space to accommodate increased demand. Contact UNEX to help you get your warehouse ready for the holiday rush.