SKU proliferation, limited space, sluggish pick rates and...

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To keep pace with customer demands, manufacturing operations...

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All that lifting and bending on the loading...

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Companies worldwide are maximizing space utilization, accelerating pick rates, reducing labor costs, and improving safety and accuracy with UNEX solutions. You can too.

Distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, transportation services and retail stores trust UNEX to design and manufacture innovative solutions that keep processes and profits flowing. How do we do it?

First, we identify the order picking issues that have the potential to block your success, such as limited space, SKU proliferation, workplace injuries, sluggish pick rates and inaccurate pick rates.

Next, we design, manufacture and implement a custom order picking solutions specific to each application. Our goal is to maximize your operation’s productivity, space utilization, carton flow systems, pick modules, conveyors, shelving, racks and more.