Working with multiple customers creates multiple challenges. To meet demands, you need to maximize productivity, space, flexibility and flow.

Does your 3PL facility pass our Pickability* test?

  • Is productivity at your facility as high as it needs to be to service multiple customers and deadlines? (yes or no)
  • Can you make quick changes to pick areas to make room for new SKUs of varying shapes and sizes? (yes or no)
  • Are you utilizing every inch of space? (yes or no)
  • Do you know the right storage medium for each product? (yes or no)
  • Can your pickers see and access every SKU safely, efficiently and accurately? (yes or no)
  • Are you delivering the most value to customers – and your company’s bottom line? (yes or no)
  • Would you be proud to show these results to your biggest customers and your boss? (yes or no)