Did you know the right assembly area design can improve space utilization by 50%? We can show you how.

UNEX helps automotive manufacturers rethink their assembly process and cross the finish line faster and stronger. How do we do it? We begin with PickSmart, our proprietary configurator that assists in the design of lineside storage products that get your assembly line in order.

Once we identify the best solution for your products, we offer:

  • Flow racks that are built for the long haul and outlast pipe and joint flow racks
  • Drop-in and easy to assemble, reconfigurable and reusable racks that accommodate changes in your production line
  • Solutions that help you implement sequenced flow, just in time (JIT) and 5S
  • Improved visibility and accessibility at pick points, which often double productivity and reduce bending and reaching
  • Multiple carton flow options, product stacking capabilities and other solutions that maximize space, provide flexibility for seasonal rotations and ensure reliable flow