Candy & Tobacco

Having lots of choices for candy and tobacco is great for consumers but can wreak havoc on a warehouse. Ever-changing SKUs can overtax order pickers and a facility’s square footage.

For decades, distributors have turned to UNEX to help maximize space and increase productivity. We offer high-performance solutions that help you keep pace with industry changes. Our innovative Pickologists*:

  • Analyze product movement in order to design the most efficient order picking processes
  • Consolidate SKUs in storage and pick areas
  • Design pick lines that minimize product handling, reduce search and seizure time, reduce errors and ensure reliable flow
  • Design and install space-saving solutions that maximize freezer and cooler areas
  • Deliver each picking solutions that present product to pickers

*Pick•ol•o•gist: A UNEX expert in the analysis, design and implementation of efficient and effective order picking processes