Working with multiple customers creates multiple challenges. To meet demands, you need to maximize productivity, space, flexibility and flow. Does your 3PL facility pass our Pickability* test? Is productivity at

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Big Box

Slow pick rates, poor slotting, SKU proliferation and limited space are among the issues that can jeopardize efficiency, accuracy and safety at your operation. Distribution centers trust UNEX to analyze

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Candy & Tobacco

Having lots of choices for candy and tobacco is great for consumers but can wreak havoc on a warehouse. Ever-changing SKUs can overtax order pickers and a facility’s square footage.

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Could your operation benefit from faster pick rates, better product accessibility and more space for SKUs? We know exactly what you need. UNEX order picking solutions help grocery distributors: Increase

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If new SKUs are straining your distribution center’s capacity, it may be time to re-imagine the warehouse. The current liquor industry boom presents challenges for your operation. With the rapid

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SKU proliferation, limited space, sluggish pick rates and workplace injuries – these are among the many challenges confronting distribution centers.

UNEX is the industry’s leader in providing unique order picking solutions for the distribution industry. Our products have helped distributors reduce travel time on the pick line by up to 80% and increase pick productivity by more than 40%. We have helped multiple distribution centers triple and even quadruple the number of SKUs stored in the same footprint.

How do we do it? First, we get to know your operation. Using SKUBE, our in-house slotting analysis tool, we scrutinize your existing processes, and then we design solutions that will get you on the path to higher productivity and profitability.