Could your operation benefit from faster pick rates, better product accessibility and more space for SKUs? We know exactly what you need.

UNEX order picking solutions help grocery distributors:

  • Increase pick rates by reducing travel time and improving accessibility and visibility at the pick point
  • Better utilize existing space by defining and assigning the best storage medium for each product
  • Minimize bending and reaching to reduce injuries and workers’ compensation claims
  • Implement flexible rack systems, lanes and wheel beds to allow for seasonal products and flexibility for SKUs
  • Condense SKUs, minimize space and reduce travel time in the cooler
  • Implement reliable product replenishment (FIFO) for perishables and effective carton flow for slow movers
  • Establish efficiencies that deliver a greater return on investment

Grocery distributors across the nation depend on UNEX as the Pickability* expert. You can too.

*Pick•a•bil•it•y: the measure of efficiency with which an item can be picked