If new SKUs are straining your distribution center’s capacity, it may be time to re-imagine the warehouse.

The current liquor industry boom presents challenges for your operation. With the rapid growth of microbreweries, more space is needed for mini-kegs as well as SKU proliferation of all shapes and sizes. Growth across the liquor industry also increases the need to fill more split case orders of wine and spirits with increased accuracy and efficiency.

Liquor distributors consistently rely on UNEX to help them overcome barriers and keep beverages flowing. We help customers:

  • Better utilize existing space by condensing and organizing SKUs
  • Increase pick rates by reducing footsteps and improving visibility and accessibility
  • Implement carton flow for product replenishment (FIFO) for stock rotation
  • Improve ergonomics for picking heavy products; eliminate workers’ compensation claims
  • Optimize storage capacity for SKUs of all weights and sizes
  • Improve product presentation for bottle picking applications
  • Provide dynamic storage for kegs