Shipping & Receiving

Your shipping and receiving area is a hub of activity. It’s also a place where workers need to be as safe and efficient.

UNEX offers a wide range of Gravity Conveyor systems that make material handling for the transportation industry easy, accurate, fast and safe. Our experts will analyze your case and pallet loads and design a more effective way to keep your materials moving.

Here are some of the benefits of UNEX solutions in your warehouse:

  • Less lifting and bending, which translates into fewer injuries and happier workers
  • Reduced labor costs – fewer people are needed to load and unload trucks
  • Elimination of cumbersome handling equipment like lift trucks in people areas
  • Efficient and safe flow of non-palletized case loads to shipping areas
  • Greater organization and accuracy in filling and receiving orders

Our solutions are designed with your challenges in mind. We are ready to help you create a safe, efficient warehousing environment.