Subassembly & Kitting

Is your sub-assembly and kitting operation efficient? Organized? Flexible? Durable?

If you answered “no” to any of the above, UNEX has multiple, innovative solutions for you. Our Pickologists have in-depth knowledge of sub-assembly line and kitting operations. We understand the pressures you are under to deliver just in time, every time, for your customers.

We also know that sub-assembly and kitting work can be taxing on employees, which is why we’ve developed:

  • Tracks, trays, shelves and work tables that tilt just right and provide safe, comfortable and efficient work environments
  • Integrated label systems that support accurate and faster pick processes because products are easy to see and access
  • Lane designs that give operators a way to remove empty totes and alert material handlers that it’s time to restock
  • Durable carton flow products that hold and move heavy materials

Solutions from UNEX can help you achieve more flexible assembly areas, better inventory control, a cleaner work environment, optimum space utilization and multiple efficiencies for your employees. We’ve helped dozens of sub-assembly and kitting operations get back on track, and we can help your operation too.