Making Christmas (Xylophones)

Every year, UNEX produces a little holiday video to wish our friends and followers a merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Usually, we go for animations. This year, however, we had an idea. Why not do something a little more DIY? And thus, what henceforth shall be known as the Xyloflow was born.

The video above is me, noted UNEX blogger, playing “Carol of the Bells” on our Xyloflow. Below you will find the extended version- the “director’s cut,” if you will- that shows the entire process of building the Xyloflow.

The process was really quite simple. By using this handy tool for finding lengths for chimes based on material and inner and outer diameters of the tube, we were able to find the frequencies for the notes of the song and cut and drill our JRS rollers accordingly. Instead of creating hanging chimes, we instead chose to mount the cut rollers atop our Span-Track channel, which was placed on a Flow Cell base.

Of course, I cannot take all the credit. I have to thank my manager, Dave Scelfo (who is much more steady-handed around dangerous machinery than I), for helping out with filming and execution.

I hope you enjoy our extended version below, and I wish you and yours a very happy holiday!


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