Modular Workstations Make Line-Side Assembly More Efficient

Organization is key to efficiency and productivity, especially in line-side assembly. In many operations, this is where most of the manual work is done. It requires the highest amount of human production and can be costly when stations are not organized in an efficient and ergonomic manner.

Using a modular workstation can solve that problem by helping a worker find and use all of the assembly parts needed for that line step quickly. What makes Unex FlowCell modular workstations unique is that they can be configured to hold parts or products in the most convenient set-up. For example, the workstation can be used as a picking cell with gravity conveyor rollers to make parts picking faster, or it can be used as a multi-level storage and feed unit. When gravity conveyor shelves are installed, the parts are automatically shifted forward on the rollers to the most convenient and easy-to-reach area on the modular unit – the front. Not only does this reduce picking reach and time, it creates a more ergonomic workstation for the employee.

As product moves through on the line, workers can determine which parts need to be assembled or added to the line product, quickly retrieve the parts and install them as necessary. Management can determine which parts or SKUs should be stored and where on the FlowCell unit by studying inventory or conducting a study of the most-used parts. Unex has sales consultants and engineers that can help to determine the best layout for the FlowCell depending on needs of the individual company’s operation.

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