Moving It With Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a Fortune 500 manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical products and equipment based in Dublin, Ohio. Founded as a food wholesaler in 1971, Cardinal quickly grew through expanding their product line and acquiring various medical supply companies. Now Cardinal Health serves over 60,000 locations and is one world’s largest and most successful health care services company.

The warehouses and distribution centers of Cardinal Health require an exceptional pick and throughput rate. Their integrated order picking systems are some of the most efficient in the industry. It’s no surprise that this integrated system features many UNEX products, like Shelf Track, Flow Cell, and more.

I always live by the mantra “Show, Don’t Tell.” Cardinal Health holds a similar belief. That’s why they produced this excellent video for Move It! that demonstrates the processes taking place at one of their distribution centers. While you’re watching, see if you can pick out UNEX products at work.

If you’d like to learn more about Cardinal Health, you can check out their website here. If you’re interested in finding out how other products go from the rack to your home, you can watch clips and full videos on Move It! here.


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