Optimizing Lineside Storage

There’s a reason why Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing are such popular terms within the manufacturing community. It’s because they’re proven to be incredibly effective time and money savers. However, as customers have grown accustomed to being able to tailor anything and everything to their exact specifications, it has presented manufacturers with very difficult space and efficiency challenges. Variety is the spice of life when you’re the customer, but when you’re the manufacturer, variety isn’t quite as rosy.Take the automotive industry for example. Think about your car and how many options you had when buying it. Do you want your center console to be black, gray, wood-trimmed, leather or anything else your heart desires? Forty years ago, your only color options were black or black. Now you can get black (Aurora Black or Ebony Black?), Silver, Blue, Cherry, Bronze, Graphite, Red and the list goes on and on.So how does a manufacturer adapt to this customizable world? Unless they’re blessed with unlimited space for pallets and money for overhead, chances are they’re a just-in-time manufacturer working with very real space requirements. That’s where our Pickologists’ years of experience come in.FC-BMW-2UNEX Flow Cell solutions can be implemented lineside to give manufacturers the ability to store the additional SKUs in the same footprint as their existing assembly area. Instead of palletized or drum storage, many manufacturers have begun using totes. Where one or two pallets used to be, now 7 or 8 totes can be stored with the additional options.Are you a manufacturer looking to get leaner lineside storage? Then contact one of our Pickologists today and we’ll help you stay lean and efficient. 


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