Order Picking Solutions

Order Picking Solutions

Boost Pick Rates and Efficiency

  • Flow cartons to the point of pick
  • Organize and Condense inventory
  • Reduce travel time & footsteps between picks
  • Increase visibility and access to SKUs
  • Ensure FIFO rotation

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Lean Manufacturing Storage Guidebook

In this guidebook, we discuss several lean principles like the 5S philosophy, one piece flow, and manufacturing supermarkets. We highlight UNEX solutions that help you successfully implement these strategies, and we show these solutions at work in lean facilities all over North America.



Charles Aubuchon

VP of Distribution Center Operations for Aubuchon Hardware

“The order picking system makes inventory control easy. We can keep track of everything we have, so that when our stores need a specific paint, we can find it fast and fulfill the order accurately.”

Mark Goldstein

President of Coastal Equipment Corporation

“Storing and picking such a wide variety of products can present a number of challenges. UNEX gave us the right mix of order picking systems to optimize space and allow us to quickly respond to customers’ needs”