Our New Home

Now that the dust has finally settled from our long move to our new home, we felt it was the perfect time to introduce our followers to the new UNEX building, located at 691 New Hampshire Avenue in Lakewood, New Jersey. Check out the photos below to see our new digs!


The face of our new building. With administration, manufacturing, and assembly finally under one roof, we increased our efficiency and reduced operational redundancies.


The reception area, with cubicles in the background. The open floor plan is a big change from our narrow work areas in Jackson.


A look into the cube of our marketing manager, Dave Scelfo.


Our awesome new break room, complete with dishwasher, Flow Cell table, and a huge flat screen TV just outside the frame. The perfect spot to break for lunch.


This is the primary meeting room at the new UNEX building. We used photos from our own case studies to decorate the space- work we did with Trane and Maletis Beverage is featured in the conference room.


A snapshot of our new manufacturing facilities. Now that assembly and manufacturing share space in the same building, we are able to streamline our processes and better coordinate efforts across the two departments.

The move from Jackson to Lakewood was a tough one that took months of planning and effort- and it wouldn’t have been possible without the whole UNEX team chipping in and working together to make it happen. We look forward to a long and fruitful future in our new and improved home!


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UNEX Manufacturing, Inc.
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