Red, White, and Unex- Carton Flow for the Holidays

As our nation’s birthday approaches, distributors are inundated with products relating to Independence Day. From flags to fireworks, games to grills- sellers face the challenge of supplying customers with the products they need for the holiday. These products are very time-sensitive and require special consideration on the warehouse floor. If you’re a supplier to a retail store, chances are you face the challenge of rotating products related to a given holiday in and out of your picking lanes. The Fourth of July is just one of the many holidays that warrants countless decorations and accessories. These items will inevitably eat up floor space if not smoothly integrated into the warehouse’s current operations. Unex has developed several solutions that make stocking seasonal merchandise a breeze for any distributor.


The throughput rates of many items will fluctuate based on the nearest season or holiday. For example, you may be a grocery supplier that stocks stuffing all year long. However, you’ll need to accommodate the spike in the product’s popularity just before Thanksgiving. Using Unex’s SKUBE software allows distributors to identify these products, as well as allowing them to find the perfect location from which the item should flow. The distributor can then simply drop in Span-Track to expand their carton flow system at that location. If space is at a premium, Flow Bed can be utilized to flow the product in question along with others of various carton sizes. The flexibility of Unex products allows distributors to reprofile their picking operation based on seasonal increases or decreases in the demand of any given product.


Some products may not be carried by a distributor at all until a given holiday. Are you familiar with those giant inflatable lawn decorations that crop up around Christmas and Halloween? Chances are that the distributor isn’t stocking those items in July- unless of course they’re stocking giant inflatable Uncle Sams. Unex offers multiple solutions to this problem. Instead of re-profiling your entire order picking operation, Unex can provide portable flow racks or pick tunnel carts to increase capacity temporarily and create space for season-specific merchandise. Simply roll the cart into a picking lane to meet the season’s needs, and roll it away or into another operation when the season or holiday passes. These carts can be fitted with pick shelves, Span-Track, Flow Bed, and other arrangements that give you an array of order picking options based on the desired throughput rate.

Independence Day can put a strain on many different types of distribution centers if they’re not prepared. Beer and liquor distributors will face an increase in demand of their products, especially in American craft brews. Retail stores will be required to devote a portion of their store to grills, decorations, fireworks (If you live in the right state), and countless other Fourth of July-themed items. Even car manufacturers can face a higher demand around holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, when dealerships make a strong push with various sales promotions in an attempt to clear their lots for newer models. If your industry is affected by a holiday demand-and the chances are pretty high that it is in one way or another- Unex can provide solutions that allow you to meet that demand with ease.


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