Carton Flow for Pallet Rack

If you have pallet rack, you are halfway there.

UNEX developed Span-Track, the first storage and conveyor solution that drops into existing pallet racks and maximizes the number of SKUs stored. This system makes a lot of sense.

  • Product is always at the optimal pick point – at the front of the rack, eliminating bending and reaching into the pallet rack.
  • Condensed inventory increases the number of SKUs per bay and decreases travel time between picks up to 85%.
  • Drop-in design configures to match your existing structure, providing flexibility to install anywhere in your facility.
  • Spanning between beams allows rear-loading of product and front-picking of product (FIFO), so SKU replenishment never interferes with order picking.
  • The solution can be designed to address building obstacles such as building columns and flue spaces, eliminating the need to change the layout of the rack.
  • The carton flow system can be integrated with other picking technologies to increase efficiency.
  • Capacity is no issue. Our broad range of products can handle up to 100 pounds per foot.

We’ll analyze your product mix, identify exactly what you need and design the best order picking system for your operation. You can trust your storage needs to the Pickability* experts. *Pick•a•bil•it•y: the measure of efficiency with which an item can be picked