There are multiple ways to eliminate waste at lineside and improve the overall success of your operation.

Ergonomics, efficiency, just in time (JIT), FIFO, flexibility, durability – these are among the many factors that impact lineside operations.

At UNEX, we develop innovative solutions that organize work areas, maximize productivity and deliver multiple benefits:

  • Bolted construction means fewer parts and quicker assembly than traditional pipe and joint structures
  • Unique presentation options, such as carton flow tracks, straight or knuckled, and pick trays that present the product to the operator to create an efficient point of pick
  • Return lanes allow space for empty totes and bins to be integrated into the rack
  • A 7-year warranty keeps maintenance costs down and gives you peace of mind
  • Condensed and more organized SKUs increase pick rates and improve space utilization
  • Heavy duty square tubing is more durable and easier to reconfigure compared to pipe and joint structures