Manufacturing Supermarket

Eliminate lineside inventory, forklift traffic and transportation waste with modular supermarket solutions from UNEX.

A manufacturing supermarket mimics the functionality of a retail supermarket. Your factory workers pull components from shelves as they are needed for manufacturing, similar to the way shoppers pull products from grocery store shelves. The idea, part of the Toyota Production System, works by creating miniature stock locations close to your assembly lines, allowing the lines to be replenished quickly and easily by tugger or manual carts, eliminating the need for fork truck traffic in personnel areas.

UNEX offers a number of cost-effective, flexible solutions that help your “pull” operation keep processes and products flowing. We can:

  • Engineer structures that address your unique storage needs
  • Implement solutions that flow and store totes, boxes and loose parts of all shapes and sizes
  • Create tilted angle trays and knuckle tracks to deliver the most efficient and safe pick for your workers