Pallet Handling

Is pallet handling bogging down productivity and eating up space?

At UNEX, we understand that the most efficient storage systems will integrate multiple storage mediums that best store products with varying throughputs. UNEX’s pallet handling solutions address two core warehousing functions:

  • Picking from a pallet
  • Staging a pallet for shipping

If you are pallet picking, you may need to incorporate pallet loads into the pick line, which may require installing dynamic flow into the pallet rack. UNEX specializes in applications in rack that are double deep and don’t require any brakes or speed reducers.

The big advantage: Our solutions eliminate double handling and reduce restocking requirements by 50%.

Floor-mounted pallet conveyor is used to provide accumulated storage without requiring equipment to continually move the pallet. Pallet conveyor is most commonly used in staging and shipping areas and is typically mounted to the warehouse floor.

The big advantage: Operators can easily access and manually move pallets that are in staging area.