Slow Movers

Slow moving SKUs can represent 80% of your inventory and are typically the most inefficient picks in an operation. They clog your floor space and are a pain in the back for workers who have to reach for them.

UNEX’s slotting analysis software, SKUBE, will evaluate the movement of your inventory. Based on SKU data, we will design a more productive and ergonomically sound system for managing slow movers. Our innovative storage solutions integrate slow movers into the pick line to reduce travel time for order pickers. They also save space by matching the size of the shelf to throughput requirements. Our solutions help you:

  • Increase pick rates for your slow movers by 20 to 40% by implementing carton flow systems on or off the floor
  • Reduce travel time on the pick line by 30 to 60% by storing product in carton flow lanes, rather than as a pallet position
  • Reduce travel time to retrieve on-the-floor slow movers by 60 to 80% with pick tunnel carts
  • Eliminate reaching and bending by ensuring product is always at the pick point
  • Improve visibility and accessibility of the pick and reduce strain on workers with tilted shelving

Don’t let your dogs run wild. We can help get you on the path to higher productivity.