Standalone Carton Flow

You’ve set big goals for your operation. Pre-engineered solutions make it easy to achieve them.

UNEX provides one-stop shopping for all your carton flow requirements, eliminating the need to source components from more than one vendor. We offer stationary and portable carton flow solutions for small to large areas and for facilities of all shapes and sizes.

We’ll help you maximize valuable space and deliver multiple benefits for your operation, such as:

  • Flexibility – Our solutions can be stationary or portable to help you get the most out of your bay areas. For example, with our portable solutions, you can move carton flow when you need to restock product from a different area or clean an area.
  • Options – Choose from our extensive Span-Track carton flow line for your full case or split case pick needs – designed to handle any capacity.
  • Greater visibility – The right carton flow solution can improve case visibility, and that means more accurate and efficient pick rates.
  • Easy install – Pre-engineered rack and track units require little time and labor to install.