Are your workstations a masterpiece or a mess? We have exactly what you need to get things in order.

Our experience as leading Pickologists* has taught us that employees work faster, more accurately and safer when they have an organized and functional workstation. That’s why we have developed unique workstation solutions with numerous lean benefits:

  • Efficient – Carton flow products keep product flowing to the front, so product is within reach and reduces workers’ travel time.
  • Convenient – Workers can bolt on other equipment to posts as needed, such as workbenches and toolbars or instructions for an order.
  • Practical – Hollow posts allow workers to keep cables and cords organized and out of the way.
  • Dependable – Heavy duty steel structure is stronger than pipe and joint structures.
  • Portable – Casters allow operators to move workstations.

Maximize space. Increase pick rates. Eliminate reaching and bending. Condense products. Are you ready to get your workstations in order?

*Pick•ol•o•gist: A UNEX expert in the analysis, design and implementation of efficient and effective order picking processes