Don't Buy Space- Make It

In today’s world, space comes at a premium. This simple fact presents a huge challenge for warehouses and distribution centers everywhere. As more and more SKUs are added to order picking operations, finding the space to place these SKUs for picking becomes a monumental task for operations managers. For some companies, the answer is to purchase or expand warehouse space to take on the increase in volume. But what if buying the building next door isn’t an option? That’s where UNEX comes in.

Let’s assume that your operation uses pallet racks with static storage- SKUs are lying on flat shelves. In this scenario, it’s likely that SKUs will be placed at the front of the rack for easy access. But what about the depth of the rack? How much of the 42 inches of depth is really working for you? Static storage leads to what we at UNEX call “dead zones”- empty pallet rack space that is adding zero value to your order picking operation. Our Span-Track solutions are specifically designed to eliminate these dead zones and maximize space utilization within your existing pallet rack.


By using a dynamic storage solution like Span-Track, you can load SKUs behind the facings and utilize the entirety of your pallet rack depth. Instead of lining a shelf with one SKU to avoid stopping to reach deep into the rack, you can load all those SKUs behind each other and let them flow forward to your order pickers. This means more SKUs in less space. Not only will this help maximize space utilization in your warehouse or distribution center, it will also reduce travel time and footpath between picks.

UNEX’s dynamic storage solutions have helped many companies expand their selection of SKUs without having to expand the size of their warehouse. Our space-saving solutions have helped companies like Pine State Trading Company take on a 50% increase in volume, and companies like Toyotetsu eliminate entire picking aisles by increasing storage density. In both cases, saving space led to higher efficiency and production.

If you and your operation are facing a space crunch, contact UNEX before you shop for more warehouse space. Our expert Pickologists can work with you to find under-utilized space in your distribution center and turn that potential value into profit.


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