Span-Track by UNEX V2

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Span-Track by UNEX

The Industry’s Best Roller Track Solution

  • Reduce carton imprints with 300% more surface area than other roller track options
  • Reduce travel time between picks by 80%
  • Increase warehouse space utilization by 50%
  • Drop-in design fits any pallet rack type
  • Multiple capacity options for light to heavy duty cartons and totes



Lean Manufacturing Storage Guidebook

In this guidebook, we discuss several lean principles like the 5S philosophy, one piece flow, and manufacturing supermarkets. We highlight UNEX solutions that help you successfully implement these strategies, and we show these solutions at work in lean facilities all over North America.



Jim Thibeault

Operations Manager for Capital Candy

“When we add a new product, we like to use Span-Track roller tracks. Everything is short-coded and needs to be FIFO managed. Span-Track ensures customers always receive fresh products”

Jason Lucas

Facility Warehouse Manager for Maletis Beverage

“I’m able to put about 6 times more product in the same footprint because of the UNEX roller tracks, and that’s a huge benefit.”