Subassembly Solutions

Subassembly processes are integral to an efficient assembly line. Subassembly items are typically composed of small parts that are incorporated with other parts into a larger manufactured product. Picture, if you will, an assembly line for an automobile. The engine block may be dropped right on the chassis, but that engine block consists of hundreds of smaller parts that must be put together before it hits the assembly line. Therefore, it’s crucial to have an efficient subassembly process to keep these larger components hitting the assembly line on time. That’s why UNEX Pickologists have developed Flow Cell workstations.


A truly efficient subassembly workstation has several requirements. First, the workstation must provide storage for cartons or totes of small components. This allows subassembly workers to keep components organized and identifiable. First in, first out storage is crucial here, as it allows workers to replenish components without interfering with the assembly process at the front of the workstation- adding a return lane for empty cartons or totes makes this process even more efficient. Our Flow Cell workstations can be outfitted with Span-Track to keep fresh parts flowing in and empty totes flowing out.

Second, the workstation must provide a workbench on which to assemble parts. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial to maximize this space for workers assembling products. If you have four lanes of carton flow feeding into what amounts to one or two lanes of space on the workbench, the time saved flowing parts to workers will be lost in the cluttered confusion of the workbench. Flow Cell workbenches run the width of the workstation, ensuring workers won’t have to bump elbows or work within a confined space.

Your workstation must also be well-equipped. What good is a workstation that has no place to store tools, or is poorly lit? Flow Cell workstations can be outfitted with an overhead toolbar that allows tools or lights to be hung above the workbench. This makes identifying and using tools much easier for the worker, and frees the workbench from clutter. Flow Cell posts also feature one-inch-on-center holes, allowing you to mount additional tool holders, work instructions, monitors, and other tools that aid workers throughout the subassembly process.

Our expert Pickologists have intensely studied subassembly practices to produce a solution that maximizes the efficiency of the process. To learn more about our subassembly solutions, visit us at the Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois from October 28th through the 30th. If you can’t make it out to Rosemont, you can contact an expert Pickologist here or give us a ring at 1-800-334-UNEX.



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