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Thanksgiving is, as the name implies, a time to be thankful for what you have- friends, family, and comfort. However, Thanksgiving is also about reaching out to the community and giving to those in need. At UNEX Manufacturing, we’ve fully embraced the “giving” part of the holiday, and do our best to show our gratitude to both those within the company and within the community.

It all started in the late eighties. The UNEX sales team, in order to give back to the company and its employees, would provide everyone working at UNEX Manufacturing with a pie for their Thanksgiving dessert. As this unofficial holiday tradition gained traction in the company, then company President Frank Neuwirth took note. Soon, Frank had developed an idea on his own.

Since then, every employee at UNEX Manufacturing has received a fresh turkey from nearby Glory’s Deli for Thanksgiving. Frank believed that he owed thanks to his employees, who stuck with the UNEX family through both the good times and the bad. Without the hard work and the dedication they gave to this company, UNEX simply would not be where it is today.

But Frank wasn’t satisfied with just giving thanks to his employees. He believed that giving back to the community that hosts and supports UNEX Manufacturing is just as important. Therefore, he began to reach out to local churches and organizations in order to assist local families in setting the Thanksgiving dinner table with turkeys of their own. Since then, the UNEX family has donated turkeys each and every Thanksgiving to local organizations, as well as gift cards and other items to make a Rockwellian Thanksgiving possible for needy families.

There are many of things I will be thankful for this Thursday. Personally, I’m thankful for a company that doesn’t view business as a bottom-line only affair, and genuinely cares for and supports its employees and the surrounding community. I’ll be giving thanks to a business that feels much more like family than corporation.

On behalf of everyone at UNEX Manufacturing, I would like to wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving.


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