As 2013 winds down, we here at UNEX are gearing up for a very exciting year in 2014. UNEX is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year! But as we reflect on our company’s successes in the last 50 years, we do so with an eye on the future.

For the past several years, we have surveyed the landscape of our industry and one thing that has become clear is that end users- our customers’ customers- are increasingly focused on solutions. They aren’t interested in individual pieces of equipment they’re focused on a complete solution that can address and solve all of their problems.

We wondered, “How does this new reality impact us as a company?” We sat down with a brand strategist to determine who we were as a company and what we wanted to be going forward.

We have an extremely strong product portfolio that we are very proud of. But more than that, UNEX products can be mixed and matched to form a solution that can solve virtually any order picking need a customer may have.

With that in mind, we decided as a company to rebrand our image. We have intensified our focus on selling solutions, rather than product. We have rolled out a new website, which we are very excited about. We encourage you to click around and explore the website, as it highlights these solutions in a more interactive way. Most of all, we decided to be an exciting company! We want to sell solutions by being storytellers. We want to connect with our customers and help our customers connect with their customers in a way that goes beyond, “Here is our product catalog.”

As a result of this renewed focus on solutions, a new brand began to take shape. We asked ourselves what word best describes the “new” UNEX? This was actually more difficult than you might imagine. To accurately describe who we were and who we wanted to be, we actually had to invent a word- pickability!

What is pickability? It is the measure of ease with which an item can be picked. And it is absolutely vital to a warehouse’s efficiency, safety and success. We actually created a short video that explains the power of pickability.

And we want to be your pickologists. We can be the people who help analyze, design and implement efficient and effective order picking processes.

So as we prepare to celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are extremely excited for the next 50 years of being your picking experts! So in 2014, “Pick Smarter. Pick Better. Pick UNEX.”


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