Maximizing Warehouse Storage Space

Dear Pickologists,

I’m running low on warehouse storage space but I can’t afford to expand. What do I do? – Mark W.

This is a very common question our Pickologists are faced with day in and day out. Customers feel that they have maxed out their warehouse storage space, but expansion isn’t an option. The good news is that in most cases, expansion isn’t necessary. What these customers need is SKUBE.

SKUBE is a software we developed that analyzes the SKUs in your warehouse and measures the throughput rates of every product in your warehouse. By identifying these throughputs, it can help you determine the correct storage for each product. Your slowest movers can be stored in static storage like shelving. Your medium movers can be stored in carton flow while your fastest movers are often best left palletized to avoid double handling.


SKUBE also allows you to set certain parameters for storage based on additional factors other than throughput. For example, by setting a weight parameter inside your fastest moving SKUs, you can put heavier items at waist level for a more ergonomic and safer pick. You can also set space parameters and SKUBE will determine the most efficient layout for that length of beam.

The object of SKUBE is to make your warehouse storage layout as efficient as possible. Too many warehouses haven’t been reslotted and are wasting the most precious resource of all, space. With SKUBE, we can ensure that not an inch goes to waste. Best of all, we can do this for free.

So before you think you need more space, contact a UNEX pickologist and see if what you actually need is to make better use of the warehouse storage space you already have, or fill out the form below to sign up for a free SKUBE analysis. Because fitting more product into a smaller space is more palatable than paying for additional space you don’t need.



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