Wheel or Roller? The Carton Flow Decision Tree

A very common question we’re asked is “do I need wheels or rollers?” Without learning more about the operation in question, it’s always a difficult question to answer. There are a multitude of factors that come into play when choosing the right type of carton flow, and the stakes can be pretty high- get the wrong type and your product may not even flow properly! Because of these risks, we tried to simplify the answer by creating this carton flow decision tree.

We should note that this tree doesn’t address each and every factor that comes into play when choosing between wheel bed or roller lane carton flow solutions. Your best bet on making 100% sure you get the right carton flow option is to contact our expert Pickologists. We’ll walk you through the entire process- and provide you with the best carton flow tracks on the market!

carton flow wheel or roller decision tree


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