New Year, New Opportunities

Last week, we talked about making realistic New Year’s resolutions for your business. Instead of trying to overhaul the entire manufacturing process in one pass, we discussed how UNEX can help your company make small, incremental changes in pursuit of the larger goal.

In that spirit, this week I want to talk about how UNEX can help make another very common goal a reality for companies. Arguably the number one resolution that companies make is “This year I want to have more sales.”  To do that, companies must look at their product offering and determine if they can get more sales by selling more of what they already have or by selling something new that compliments their offering and integrates them deeper with the customer. As the most trusted name in carton flow and order picking, UNEX may have just that complimentary product you need to take your sales to the next level. But, as I’ve so often said in these posts, talk is cheap. Material handling is very much a “kick the tires industry” so we think it’s important that you be able to see, touch and use the product that you’re considering adding before you make a commitment to buy.


That is why we offer samples on all of our products. Contact a UNEX pickologist for a sample today and we can have it in your hands this week for you to try out. There is no obligation to buy, just try it out and if you have any questions, one of our Pickologists will be happy to help. We’re the number one order picking manufacturer for a reason and we’re confident that our products and samples will speak for themselves. So call us today, try out something new, and if you like it, it could be the complimentary offering that takes you over the top and helps you fulfill that New Year’s resolution.



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