SKU proliferation, limited space, sluggish pick rates and workplace injuries – these are among the many challenges confronting distribution centers.UNEX is the industry’s leader in providing unique order picking solutions for the distribution industry. Our products have helped distributors reduce travel time on the pick line by up to 80% and increase pick productivity by more than 40%. We have helped multiple distribution centers triple and even quadruple the number of SKUs stored in the same footprint.Not all distribution operations are the same. From third party logistics providers to grocery distributors to wine and spirits distributors, UNEX has helped provide customized solutions to distributors with unique product mixes and needs.


Third party logistics providers allow companies to outsource portions of their distribution and fulfillment services to firms dedicated to warehousing and transportation services. 3PLs are growing rapidly as more and more companies are utilizing them to integrate various aspects of their supply chain. Because of this rising popularity, 3PLs are experiencing a space and time squeeze.UNEX can provide 3PLs with solutions to boost productivity to levels required for servicing multiple customers and their varying, demanding deadlines. Our solutions can help consolidate space to accommodate more clients and their SKUs, provide accessible picks to increase order accuracy and safety, and provide the flexibility 3PLs need to take on new clients and adjust to new product mixes.

Candy & Tobacco

Having lots of choices for candy and tobacco is great for consumers, but can wreak havoc on a warehouse. Ever-changing SKUs can overtax order pickers and a facility’s square footage. Confusing food date labels and static storage racks can result in lost profits due to spoiling inventory. Poor SKU accessibility can result in costly mispicks and wasted time. All these challenges, if not overcome, can leave customers frustrated.UNEX has decades of experience working with candy & tobacco distributors to overcome these challenges. Our flexible carton flow solutions make it easy to reslot inventory for new and rotating SKUs while consolidating storage space, and the ability to load from the back and flow products to the front helps minimize the risk of spoiling inventory. UNEX’s each picking solutions make it easier to see and pick the right item from a master carton, drastically reducing pick rates while increasing pick accuracy.


Grocery delivery services like Amazon Fresh are growing in popularity. However, as their business grows, their costs do too- more order pickers and more freezer and cooler space can dramatically increase the operating costs of such operations. Grocery distributors are looking for ways to reduce their labor costs and avoid costly expansions to their cooler areas, which consume large amounts of energy.UNEX Pickologists have a proven track record of alleviating these pressures on grocery distributors. Our space-saving solutions allow grocery distributors to store up to four times the amount of SKUs in the same footprint, freeing up more valuable space in their freezer and cooler areas for an expanding line of SKUs. This space consolidation can reduce labor costs too- less SKU sprawl means less order pickers required to meet their customers’ expectations. This reduced travel also leads to a happier, healthier workforce with less injuries and turnover.


The beer and liquor business is simply booming. Hundreds of new craft breweries open every year, and production of whiskey and other spirits is skyrocketing to meet the increased demand. This presents a new challenge for spirits distributors-how can they handle this surge in SKUs while picking and fulfilling orders accurately and in time?Multiple spirits distributors have turned to UNEX to help solve this problem. We have developed customized keg storage solutions that get kegs off of pallets and into dynamic storage racks, greatly improving space utilization, pick ergonomics, and first in, first out SKU rotation. Most importantly, UNEX solutions help ensure customers are enjoying a fresh bottle of their favorite libations.

Are UNEX solutions right for your distribution operation?

  • Are your customers complaining about incomplete or incorrect orders?
  • Are you losing money due to perishable inventory spoiling?
  • Are you unsure if your SKUs are being stored in the proper storage medium?
  • Are you considering expanding your freezer space due to ballooning product lines?
  • Are your labor costs running away from you?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, UNEX can help! Our expert Pickologists will help you analyze your product mix and develop a customized solution that delivers improved processes and higher profits.


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