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Thousands of configurations at your fingertips.

Our Flow Cell modular structures can be customized from the ground up to meet the specific needs of your operation. From flow racks to lineside workstations to mobile carts to presentation racks, Flow Cell structures are up to the task.

The Flow Cell configurator allows you to choose from countless options to built your own Flow Cell solution in a 3D sandbox environment. Start from scratch or choose one of more popular configurations designed for specific applications. Then, select your desired dimensions, track types, and accessories. When you’ve designed a Flow Cell solution that meets your needs, you can fill out the information requested under “Send my design”and receive a 3D drawing of your information along with a bill of materials to help you get a quick and easy quote.

Click the button to the right to start using the configurator. If you don’t know where to start, check out the images below to see what UNEX customers have built in the past. If you’re experiencing issues using our configurator, use our live chat support in the bottom right corner of the page, or shoot us an e-mail.

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