Did you know the right assembly area design can improve space utilization by 50%? We can show you how. UNEX helps automotive manufacturers rethink their assembly process and cross the

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Manufacturing high-value products with quality and accuracy poses challenges requiring customized order picking solutions. UNEX Flow Cells provide flexible, modular order picking solutions that help manufacturers of medical products: Organize

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Subassembly & Kitting

Is your sub-assembly and kitting operation efficient? Organized? Flexible? Durable? If you answered “no” to any of the above, UNEX has multiple, innovative solutions for you. Our Pickologists have in-depth

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To keep pace with customer demands, manufacturing operations require flexible, space-saving, durable and efficient lineside order picking solutions.

Innovative products from UNEX help keep your assembly line moving without interruption, errors or injuries. Our PickSmart configurator designs optimal storage units to create organized and efficient parts picking for just in time (JIT) and buffer operations. With UNEX solutions, your manufacturing operation will achieve the best mix of carton flow, lane and aisle configurations, workstations, return lanes and pick trays, all designed to keep your processes and profits flowing.