To keep pace with customer demands, manufacturing operations require flexible, space-saving, durable and efficient lineside order picking solutions. They need to combat the eight wastes that can plague every manufacturer:
  • Defects
  • Overproduction
  • Waiting
  • Non-value added processing
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Unused employee creativity
Innovative products from UNEX help keep your assembly line moving without interruption, errors or injuries, while minimizing the impact of the above eight wastes. Our Pickologists design optimal storage units to create organized and efficient parts picking for just in time (JIT) and buffer operations. With UNEX solutions, your manufacturing operation will achieve the best mix of carton flow, lane and aisle configurations, workstations, return lanes and pick trays, all designed to keep your processes and profits flowing.


Automotive manufacturers face many material handling obstacles. Bulky parts, like seats and dashboards, must be stored in a fashion that makes them available to workers on the assembly line without taking up too much space and interfering with the assembly process. Workers need to be able to maximize their time at their workstations adding value to the assembly process. This makes maximizing storage density (to avoid trips to the supermarket), reducing clutter (keeping tools and totes in their proper place), and improving ergonomics (making everything your workers need easy and safe to access) high priorities for automotive manufacturers.UNEX helps automotive manufacturers rethink their assembly processes and correct these points of pain with lean workstations that provide an ergonomic workspace and improve space utilization on the line by 50%. These solutions can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of any automotive manufacturer, and provide a wide variety of accessories-like tool holders and return lanes- that ensure an efficient, clutter-free workspace.


Many manufacturing operations rely on efficient subassembly processes to meet their goals. These operations require workers to effectively manage and assemble many parts without errors that slow down the assembly process. This means keeping parts and pieces, tools, and totes in their proper place, maximizing storage and workspace in each workstation, and minimizing down time for replenishment.UNEX provides manufacturers with tracks, trays, and shelves-all with integrated label systems- that display parts to workers and provide a comfortable and accurate part picking environment. Our Span-Track carton flow solutions can feed totes to workers at workstations and carry them away on dedicated return lanes, keeping subassembly stations free from clutter. UNEX workstations are built with durable steel and guaranteed to stand up to the toughest applications.


Medical device manufacturing faces additional obstacles due to strict constraints in the engineering process, as well as regulatory forces outside the manufacturers’ control. From cervical collars to MRI machines to artificial joints, medical device manufacturers must ensure they maintain the highest standards of quality when crafting their products, while keeping their operation humming along like a well-oiled machine. Manufacturing high-value products with quality and accuracy poses challenges requiring customized order picking solutions.UNEX has provided medical device manufacturers with ergonomic workstations that keep parts and products at the point of pick, increasing efficiency while reducing strain on their workforce. UNEX solutions can be reconfigured on the fly for new products or processes, allowing medical device manufacturers to use a single solution for a diverse healthcare product line. Our workstations can be mounted on casters to create a mobile workspace that can be moved when and where it is needed, allowing operations more flexibility while ensuring a clean, organized manufacturing area.

Are UNEX solutions right for your manufacturing operation?

  • Are your workers struggling with clutter at their workstations?
  • Is storage space on the assembly line lacking?
  • Are your workers pulling the wrong parts for assembly?
  • Are your assembly workers spending time and energy away from their workstations?
  • Does your operation require flexible storage solutions?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, UNEX can help! Our expert Pickologists will help you analyze your manufacturing process and develop a workstation or storage solution that increases productivity and minimizes waste.


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