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Warehouse Storage Solutions Engineered For Growth

Configurable warehouse storage built to accelerate productivity and evolve with your supply chain.

Discover Smart Space Solutions That Transform the Supply Chain

As consumer demand and expectations grow, companies across the supply chain need to adapt to remain competitive. UNEX works with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and logistics companies to unlock their facilities’ full potential by maximizing space utilization with our industry-leading storage solutions. Durable, flexible, and space-efficient UNEX solutions are proven to:


Optimize Space

UNEX solutions condense and organize storage space within a facility’s existing footprint to reduce the need to expand or acquire new locations.


Increase Efficiency

Dynamic storage solutions increase overall facility efficiency by reducing pick paths and improving assembly, picking, packing, and shipping processes.


Improve Productivity

Travel times are reduced and costly errors like mispicks are mitigated when inventory is organized, and parts and products are stored according to throughput.


Drive Revenue Growth

By increasing space utilization, efficiency, and productivity, facilities experience major operational cost savings that increase profitability.

Industries Utilizing UNEX Storage Solutions

UNEX specializes in building engineered-to-order storage solutions that help operations in various industries meet and surpass their efficiency goals. No matter what kind of facility you run, we can tailor a solution to align with your needs.




Order Fulfillment & Warehousing






Solutions for Every Application

Explore our innovative space-saving storage solutions for a diverse range of applications.


Maximize picking productivity with solutions designed for slow-to-fast moving products.

Packing & Assembly

Streamline packing and assembly activities on the manufacturing or warehouse floor.

UNEX Space Optimization Solutions

Our industry-leading solutions are made-to-order and designed to save you space, time, and money.

Carton Flow

Flow Racks

High-Density Storage


Carton Flow

Carton flow solutions like SpanTrack - The Original Carton Flow Track - effortlessly drop into existing structures to maximize space and create a robust flow system for any operation.

Flow Racks

Modular flow racks and gravity flow rack systems increase space utilization, accelerate productivity, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste, and lower operational costs.

High-Density Storage

High-density storage systems provide maximum capacity for fast, safe, and accurate order picking that saves operations space, time, and money.


Flexible, rugged, and low-maintenance gravity conveyors and pallet flow systems designed to support a variety of products and SKUs keep orders organized and moving seamlessly throughout your facility.


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