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Build A Storage Solution with Our Free Warehouse Design Tools

Looking for a space-saving solution? Our product configurators are warehouse design tools that allow manufacturers, retailers, order fulfillment, and logistics operations to create the exact UNEX solution needed to optimize workflows and maximize warehouse storage space.

With endless configuration options, you can build space-optimized solutions designed around your unique parameters to meet the demands of even the most complex operations.



Maximize your warehouse or retail backroom space, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy with our SpeedCell high-density storage solution.

  • Select the width and depth of the flow racking where your SpeedCell will be attached.

  • Use our Space Wizard to help you create a configuration or DIY.

  • Receive a free 3D drawing of your design right in your inbox.



SpanTrack Lane and SpanTrack Wheel Bed carton flow solutions drop into your existing structure, creating a flexible carton flow system that will maximize space within your operation and boost your bottom line.

  • Begin by entering your rack dimensions and features.

  • Select track types and define your specific needs.

  • Have your free 3D design sent straight to your inbox.



From flow-through workstations for assembly and order fulfillment to mobile carts and presentation racks, customize FlowCell modular flow racks to meet the specific needs of your operation.

  • Start from scratch or choose from a set of popular configurations.

  • Select your desired dimensions, track types, and accessories.

  • Receive a free 3D drawing of your design right in your inbox.

Connect with an Expert

Reach out to our team of experts to ask questions and learn more about our space optimization solutions.