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Case Picking

What Is Case Picking?

In case picking, workers pick the product in full case or carton quantities from various storage mediums: pallet positions, carton flow, and shelving. Most operations pick fast movers from pallet positions, medium to slow movers from carton flow, and slow-moving products from static industrial shelving. When workers pick product, they typically pick the item to a pallet, cart or conveyor. As the picker travels the aisles selecting product, orders are grouped and sequenced for shipping.

Where is Case Picking Used?

Case picking is common in distribution centers serving retail or online stores. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers, big-box store suppliers, beer and liquor distributors, and many other businesses devote a significant portion of their warehouses to case picking.

However, case picking operations face a major challenge– with all those cartons comes an ever-growing footprint.

  • How can distributors ensure a fast, accurate case pick that meets customer expectations without surrendering large portions of warehouse or distribution center space to case storage?
  • And how can distributors alleviate the strain case picks place on workforces to keep both teams and customers happy?

Optimize Case Picking with UNEX

UNEX has a comprehensive line of products to help distributors case pick medium to slow-moving products with speed and accuracy. Our case flow systems can drop into your existing structure, creating FIFO rotation, and ensuring product is always at the pick point and eliminating the need to reach and bend into the rack structure, eliminating stress and strain on your workers.

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Explore UNEX Solutions

SpanTrack Wheel Bed

SpanTrack Wheel Bed is a flexible carton flow solution that drops into new or existing pallet rack structures to create the ultimate gravity flow rack system for order picking operations, manufacturing facilities, and more. 

Key benefits of SpanTrack Wheel Bed include:

  • Hex hub wheel design for optimal flow
  • Store products with a wide variation in size and weight
  • Increase flexibility for inventory slotting with 90% left to right bay usage
  • Replenish inventory from the back without interrupting the process in front

Pallet Track

Pallet Track is a durable pallet flow solution that utilizes rollers or wheel rails to optimize flow for fast-moving inventory. Our high-quality pallet tracks increase efficiency and storage density and can be customized to fit an operation’s unique needs.

Key benefits of Pallet Track include:

  • Select from a variety of track lengths and mounting options
  • Increase storage density
  • Reduce fork truck operations
  • Decrease damage to inventory

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