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Smart Space Solutions

Innovating supply chain management, one square foot at a time.

UNEX designs and implements engineered-to-order solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, order fulfillment, logistics, and retail. By designing solutions to suit your applications, we create the optimal product for each unique situation.

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Carton Flow

Whether you have bulky boxes or beer kegs to store, SKUs to move, or cases to pick, our SpanTrack and Shelf Track products provide the most reliable, durable, and efficient carton flow solutions in the industry.

Build a carton flow solution with the SpanTrack Configurator

Flow Racks

UNEX modular flow racks and gravity flow rack systems are engineered to optimize space utilization, accelerate productivity, improve warehouse safety, and lower operational costs.

Build a flow rack solution with the FlowCell Configurator


UNEX gravity conveyors and pallet flow systems keep orders moving and organized throughout your facility. They are flexible, rugged, low-maintenance and suitable for transporting and storing multiple sized boxes, cases, cartons, or totes.

High-Density Storage

Innovative, high-density storage solutions optimize storage space, SKU visibility, and order picking speed and accuracy for manufacturing, retail, and order fulfillment operations around the world.

Build a high-density storage solution with the SpeedCell Configurator



Optimizing storage in the same footprint with innovative manufacturing and industrial solutions.

Order Fulfillment & Warehousing

Optimize warehouse storage to increase storage density and efficiency.


Optimize your logistics warehouse with dynamic loading dock solutions.


Leverage retail storage solutions for eCommerce fulfillment from the retail backroom.


From case picking to keg storage, warehouse storage solutions can benefit a variety of applications.

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UNEX has all the educational resources you need to improve supply chain efficiency with space optimization solutions.


Connect with our space optimization experts to discover how our storage solutions can help maximize your existing warehouse space.

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